The “Bad” Myths of Swimming With a Pull Buoy

Why do we use the pull buoy ? Why do we use it a lot  ? there is a lot of contradiction and different opinions about using it or not and how much?

I had an athlete going to Kona last year 2018, he did absolutely all his sets with pull or pull paddles , non , non without pull. 

From a non swimming background, the emphasis was on getting in the work, quality work , working on the right swimming muscles, getting very fit, strong (lots of specific strength work with pull and paddles) and saving the legs for when they need to be used, BIKE AND RUN. On the swim we use it for balance and rythm, balance and rhythm. The pull buoy helps having our hips and legs in neutral position so we don’t drag them on the floor. Then while up and maintaining a streamline / neutral position in the water we can focus on getting more good strokes than bad strokes and getting the work done on the pool then build the swim, get fit , strong  and ready for your next race. 

Andres Zimeri

Ascendere Head Coach

Trisutto Certified Coach

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